Sally regularly takes on commissions of animal subjects, living or dead. she works closely with owners to achieve the results required.

Commissions can be made any size and cast in either foundry bronze or resin.

3-Day-Old Foal Head

3-Day-Old Foal Life Size in Resin Bronze

Angelo, life size in bronze resin

Antarr in Foundry Bronze

Arabian Mare & Foal in Bronze Resin

Azizah in Foundry Bronze

Baanderos in Bronze Resin 48cm

'Bob' in Terracotta Clay

Coloured Commission

Commission Work in Progress

Dahyem 125% Life Size in Bronze Resin

Dahyem & Sally

Dahyem Head

Desert King

Wall Plaque in Bronze Resin

'Elegance' in Foundry Bronze

'Flying Shire' Plaque in Bronze Resin

'Geezer' Life Size Great Dane Plaque in Bronze Resin

'Harley' Great Dane in Colored Resin

Holstein Cow Head

Holstein Cow One Metre Long in Bronze Resin

Irish Setter Head in Foundry Bronze

Irish Setter in Foundry Bronze

'James' Life Size Spaniel in Bronze Resin

'JJ' Irish Setter in Bronze Resin

'Kabir' (Left View) in Bronze Resin

'Kabir' (Right View) in Bronze Resin

'Kabir' in Grey Resin

'Kamla' 0.75 Life Size in Resin Bronze

'Louis' in Bronze Resin

'Naseem' in Bronze Resin

'Nautilus' (Lusitano) in Iron Resin

'Oasis' 50cm in Bronze Resin

Pointer Life Size in Foundry Bronze

Running Irish Setters in Bronze Resin

Sada Left Side

Sada Life Size in Bronze Resin

'Sam & Beth' in Bronze Resin

Sanadiva 75% Life Size in Bronze Resin

Sanadiva Left Side of Head

'Shabab' Arabian Foal in Bronze Resin

Spanish Rider in Foundry Bronze

'Tamarinda' Andalusian (PRE) in Resin Bronze 50cm

Three Head Plaque 100cm in Bronze Resin

Whippet Head Life Size in Bronze Resin

Young Arabian in Foundry Bronze

Design Services

We can design plaques and sculptures based on logos or even original logos themselves. Below are four examples of plaques derived from logos and the Equus Eye original design for Saleehah Whippets.


AHO 3 Colours


ANICA Plaque

Kuwait Arabian Horse Society

Kuwait Trophy 2016


HARC Master


Saleehah Coat

Saleehah Coat Detail

Original designs for the Dutch Tulip Cup 2020

Original designs for the Dutch Tulip Cup 2020

TC Champion Trophies 30cm right

Tulip Cup Plaque 20cm

Foundry Bronzes

All Equus Eye pieces can be cast in foundry bronze and mounted on bronze, stone or hard wood base.

Foundry bronzes are usually made in small editions or as commissions. Bronze is an ancient copper/tin alloy, the surface of which can be patinated to produce a range of colours and effects.

Although it is expensive, foundry bronze should be seen as a long term investment. Taking into account the quality of the finished piece, the skill and status of the artist and competence of foundry crafts-people.

Below is an example of one of Sally’s recent foundry bronze pieces in production.


Antarr Model

Making the Rubber Mould

Casting the Wax

Finished Wax

Making the Ceramic Shells

Fettling the Metal



Waxing the Finished Piece


Antarr in Black

Antarr in Bay